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Special Memories – June 2020

A special story from Patrick Pritchett, our Environment Services Director –

Back in 1969 I attended my very first year of school. Kindergarten. My teacher’s name was Glenna Tatum. I don’t remember a lot from that long ago about anything related to school, but I do remember one specific day during that year. 

Mrs. Tatum (as we called her) brought in a visitor. Her husband, Phillip Tatum. We all enjoyed his visit because he made us laugh and gave us all a special treat. We each got to sit in a chair in front of him and he drew a caricature of us. We all laughed at each other’s picture and I don’t think I remember ‘any’ day in Kindergarten being as much fun. 

Years later in the sixth grade (my first year out of Grade school) I discovered that my Art teacher was none other than Phillip Tatum. All my classmates remember him for that class due to the painted cow skull named Hector which sat on a table as soon as you entered the room. 

About 15 years ago my mother decided to give me a file of various things from my school years. And among these things, folded up, was the Caricature that Phillip Tatum drew of me some 50 years ago when I was only 5 years of age. 

He came to our facility for rehab and I had to bring in the picture to show him and let him know the wonderful way he touched my life so many years ago. 

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